How the Advancements in Technology and Medicine Can Help Build Stronger California Personal Injury Cases

At the Alipour Law Group, APC, our Irvine personal injury attorney, Matt Alipour, also holds a degree in biomedical engineering, which integrates traditional engineering and technology principles with fundamental knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Mr. Alipour’s dual professions allow him to understand the details of cases using properly conducted biomedical injury causation analysis to address the key factors in a case.

Here is how experience in science, technology, and medicine helps create legal solutions for our California clients.

How Technological Developments are Strengthening California Personal Injury Cases

Evidence is a primary factor when determining who is liable for a personal injury in California.

Whether the injuries occur during a vehicle collision or slip and fall incident in a retail store, traffic cameras or surveillance video often produce some of the most compelling recordings of the chain of events that led to our client’s injuries.

When live video portraying the injurious incident is not available, our skilled personal injury lawyer in Irvine will partner with accident reconstruction specialists and use his engineering skills to recreate the critical event.

Computer-generated graphics can help deliver an accurate depiction of the important event.

Visual aids during a presentation in a personal injury case may greatly increase the impact of the details, which can help effectively build our client’s position.

With seemingly limitless technological advancements, our Orange County personal injury attorney can monitor social media feeds to investigate the liable party’s position, and help our clients avoid damaging behavior that may be reviewed by the insurance companies.

We may also use technology to research any existing claims against the at-fault party or uncover additional evidence that will help support our client’s case.

How Medical Advancement Can Help Support Our California Personal Injury Cases

One of the biggest questions the liable party’s insurance company will ask when reviewing a personal injury claim is, was the severity of the crash sufficient enough to have caused our client’s injuries?

Mr. Alipour’s biomedical background involves applying engineering principles to the human body, in essence combining engineering with medicine.

This allows our Irvine personal injury attorney to analyze each client’s medical records to provide a clearer picture of the diagnosed injuries. That includes the location and mechanisms of each injury and whether they are acute or chronic.

This approach creates a detailed outline of the injuries, overall medical requirements, a timeline for recovery, and a big picture view regarding how the accident has disrupted our client’s day-to-day activities and impacted their quality of life.

These crucial factors allow our Orange County personal injury law firm to begin effective negotiations with the liable party’s insurance company, so our clients can pursue the financial outcome they deserve.

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